Recipient of the Academic Senate DISTINGUISHED TEACHING AWARD 2007-2008
The award recognizes the distinguished teaching accomplishments of the faculty. It acknowledges the efforts of Senate faculty members who have successfully united teaching with creative and scholarly work.

Winter 2015

PSTAT 5A Statistics

Courses Taught


PSTAT 5A Statistics, PSTAT 133A/233A Intro to Statistical Methods, PSTAT 160A Applied Stochastic Processes 1, PSTAT 160B Applied Stochastic Processes II, 120A Probability and Statistics, PSTAT 120B Probability and Statistics, PSTAT 130 Statistical Computing. PSTAT 262(BN) Bayesian Networks, Freshman Seminar. Philosophy of Mathematics, Freshman Seminar. Thinking Through Statistics, Freshman Seminar: Math for the Utterly Terrified, PSTAT 131 Data Mining, PSTAT 140 Statistical Process Control, PSTAT 193 Internship supervision, PSTAT 199 Independent Studies, PSTAT 193 Internship supervision, Freshman Seminar: Math in the Movies, PSTAT 5LS Statistics for the Life Sciences, PSTAT 596 Foundations of Bayesianism, Honors seminar ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics’.


PSTAT 262(BN) Bayesian Networks, PSTAT 501 TA Training, PSTAT 262SA SAS Programming, PSTAT 231 Data Mining , PSTAT 210 Measure Theory, PhD supervision.